A comic actor who is popular in your country cue card - Ielts speak

Describe a comic actor who is popular in your country

a comic actor who is popular in your country cue card - Ielts speak

  1. Who is HE/SHE
  2. What type of person he/she is 
  3. How you came to know about him/her
  4. why he/ she is popular   

IELTS cue card with answer | A popular comic actor

I know very comedians who entertain people but here I talk about my favourite comic actor who is Kapil Sharma. he is very famous nowadays because of his TV show - comedy nights with Kapil. he was 39 years old and he is very handsome . his birthplace is Amritsar and his father works in police and his mother is a housewife.

He won many prizes in his life. he is not only a comedian but singer and good actor as well. In India, he is a well-known celebrity. He hosted many comic shows in his life . his show comedian night with Kapil is my favourite comedian show. This show is telecast on Sony channel every Monday and Tuesday at 9o clock.
I always watch this show whenever this is telecast. I can also watch this show with my family member because this comic actor makes a very clean show. Many other celebrities also come on this show. they come in this show for promoting their latest movies and also makes this show very enjoyable for us. People get a chance to meet their celebs.
Navjot Sidhu is also a permanent character of this show but he sits on the side of the audience.

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 IELTS SPEAKING cue card questions (comic actor)

  1. Do your family members and friends like this actor?                                                                    yes, they do. we all watch his all shows together. he provides a type of comedy, which whole the family can enjoy together.
      2. Why are film personalities famous?
      Film personalities are famous because they entertain people. many people watch their movies and so come to know about them. they talk about their favourite stars to among each other and so they famous personalities

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