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Cue card an animal you like the most OR Talk about a strange animal

Which is it?
Where did you see it?
How was it interesting?

INTRO for Cue card an animal you like the most

  • Well. India is a diverse country. there are lots of animals found in India
  • there are wild animals, pet animals and domestic animals
  • Here I am going describe  a strange animal  which I saw the first time in the National Zoo
  • it  is an elephant, he is my favourite animal also
  • The elephants are very big animal in terms of height
  • they are herbivorous because they eat grass
  • The elephants are the biggest land animal

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MIDDLE AND ENDING LINES for Cue card an animal you like the most

  • I aw dis animal first time when I went National Zoo last year with my family
  • there I saw two type of elephant species
  • One from that was African elephants species and second from that was Indian species
  • both were looking very different from each other n terms of shape, height and weight
  • The African elephant was slightly bigger from the Indian elephant
  • However, there was a big difference I saw in their weight, the weight of African elephant was very much more than from the Indian elephant
  • moreover, it seemed  very dangerous from the Indian elephant
  • But Indian elephant was looking beautiful than from African elephant
  • Furthermore, the back of Indian elephant was concave in shape on the flip side, the back of African elephant was convex in shape
  • overall I saw lots of animals there but elephant were the animals which too much fascinated to me
  • Due to this reason, elephants are my favourite animals till now

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Cue card an animal you like the most #IELTS CUE
Cue card an animal you like the most #IELTS CUE