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Describe a story that you heard in your childhood

  • What was that story?
  • Who told you that story?
  • When did you hear it?
  • What was the story about?
  • Why did you like that story?

Describe a story that you heard in your childhood ( SAMPLE-1)

I have heard a lot of stories in my life. I like to listen to that type of stories which are based on history or which teach us some moral values. when I was in my childhood stage, my mother used to tell stories on every nightI had heard a lot of stories from my mother, but here I am talking about a story that is my favourite story. The name of that story was "THE GREEDY DOG". this was a very interesting story. This tale had a great moral value.

Middle and Ending lines of the cue card -Describe a story that you heard in your childhood

  • there was a dog who was very hungry 
  • he wandered here and there for the purpose of searching for food 
  • but he did not find food anywhere 
  • after the few hours of searching, suddenly he found a Juicy bone in front of the meat shop
  • he felt very happy  
  • After that, he carried that bone and ran from there 
  • he reached on a corner of a river 
  • He saw his own image in the river 
  • he thought that there was another dog in the river, who carried a juicy bone 
  • He felt greedy and he wanted to snatch that bone 
  • For the purpose of snatching, He started barking  on his shadow
  • For this, He opened his mouth, the bone fell down from his mouth into the river 
  • the dog lost his own bone 
  •  now he started to regret on himself
  • In the end, he did not get anything 
  • After that, he ran from there 
  • At the end of the story, I found a good moral from the story i.e GREEDY IS CURSE
  • Now I use to tell this story to my nephew, whenever they come to my house

A story that you like the most (SAMPLE-2)

  • Who told you this story?
  • What this reverse would?
  • Explain why you remember this story?

Since my childhood, I have learned a lot of stories. Especially from my grandmother who told me innumerable stories. Although she narrated me wide-ranging stories. But here I would like to talk about a story of a mouse who lived in a forest in his burrow. Suddenly he noticed that something had fallen with the thud on the terrace his home. Without having noticed anything, he came out and started shouting and running very fast, out of fear that the earth was going to explode soon as something very massive had collided with the earth.
Listening to him the other animals such as rabbits, goats and sheep started chasing him and running out of the forest. But when the king of the forest, the lion came in their way all the running animals stopped and narrated what had happened. The lion rebuked and asked the mouse to take him to his home. When all the animals along with a loin searched the  Burrow of the mouse, the lion noticed that the home of the mouse was near the root of a  mango tree and that a ripened mango had fallen on its terrace. So this is the answer of favourite childhood story cue card.

Ending lines- Describe a story that you heard in your childhood

Seeing this the lion scolded every animal and asked them to go to their homes. I remember the story so far because it has rendered me a good message that before acting upon anything we must judge this situation and that not to do anything in haste. 

NOTE= you have to speak this cue card(Describe a story that you heard in your childhood)more than two minutes 

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Describe a story that you heard in your childhood
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Describe a story that you heard in your childhood IELTS cue cardDescribe a story that you heard in your childhood IELTS cue card