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A part of the day which I like the most essay(FAVOURITE TIME OF THE DAY)

{ Portray your most loved piece of the day (i.e. morning, evening, night and so on }.
You should state:
what it is
what you do around then
how it is not quite the same as different parts of the day
what's more, clarify why it is your most favourite time of the day

Describe your favourite time of the day and why? #favourite part -

Starting lines of  favourite time of the day CUE CARD

my favourite time of the day is the evening. It is a time for relaxation and enjoyment with my family. Moreover, at this time, the atmosphere is cool and I feel relaxed. the intermediate thing is that I get a chance to spend my precious time with my wife and my daughter after a whole day busy work schedule. Either we sit together at home, talking about the happening of the day or we go out to the countryside to enjoy the quiet

Middle lines of  favourite time of the day CUE CARD

My child is always eager to speak about her school and everything that the might have come across during the day my wife and I share the household chores so that we get more time for personal intimacy.

Ending lines of  favourite part of the day CUE CARD

In the evening I spend some time watching TV and listening to music, reading and dining together. after finishing all this I retire 11 o clock And I feel dairy the next morning after my long night sleep, ready to take up the challenges the new day had in the store.
So, that's why the evening is my favourite time of the day


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