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idioms with sentences-common idioms for ielts~ieltsspeak.com

 idioms with sentences-common idioms for ielts

hello and welcome to another lesson from the ieltsspeak.com. in today's lesson I is going to show you and explain to you five idioms that can be used in the IELTS speaking exam so I will show the five idioms and  I will give an example of each of those idioms with sentences show you examples now when it comes to learning idioms it can be quite challenging and it's quite difficult to use idioms naturally don't give an idiom because you have to give an idiom use it because it's a natural card of speech you need to be comfortable with it and the pronunciation and the way you say the idiom is also important it needs to sound natural, not mechanical or rehearsed so be very careful when using idioms and don't use a lot of them okay don't put ten idioms 
in one part one speaking response okay or even two idioms in one response use one idiom if it's appropriate if it comes across as natural so the idioms I is going to show you learn them understand them try and use them as you speak with your friends or classmates okay try and use them naturally then when it does come time to the exam you may use them without even thinking about it and that's what we want to achieve that natural use of idioms, not the rehearsed mechanical use so let's have a look at our five idioms for today.

idioms with sentences-common idioms for ielts~ieltsspeak.com
idioms with sentences-common idioms for ielts~ieltsspeak.com

idioms with sentences

the first one is like chalk and cheese if two people are like chalk and cheese it means they are the opposite they don't have many things in common they are very different from each other another one's talking about people but this is people who are very similar to each other they are like two peas in a pod so they are similar they do the same things they like the same things
the third idiom for today is down to earth, down to earth is to describe someone who is very easy to talk to easy to get along with makes friends easily okay he is not arrogant is not stuck-up they are not overconfident they are very down-to-earth and very easy to get along
with the next one off the top of my head if I say something or think of something off the top of my head it's without giving it much thought the first thing that comes to me is off the top of my head
the last idiom for today to be on the fence, on the fence means you are not committed to one idea or another you are you think there are good things and bad things about the situation you haven't made a decision you haven't made a commitment you are still deciding so you are on the fence

idioms with sentences

so now let's look at these idioms used for real IELTS questions and in real IELTS answers so let's have a look for part one question do you have any siblings or questions about family and here is the response yes I have an older brother he is married and works as an accountant in an advertising company we are like chalk and cheese he is active competent and outgoing while I is the opposite so chalk and cheese meaning the opposite of somebody else, okay so there is vocabulary specific to that topic there are two sentences for that answer good grammar and vocabulary structure as well as an idiom that is used naturally

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idioms with sentences

the next question is also apart one question who are you closest to in your family and to describe it TEMPyou're close to someone the idiom two peas in a pod is a good way to do that so the natural response at the beginning oh that is an easy question I is closest to my cousin Paul we are like two peas in a pod when we were younger we did everything together and we are still very similar okay two peas in a pod to people who are similar and who get on very well

idioms with sentences

Next one is one more part one question can you describe your best friend sure thing my best friend is John and we studied at university together John is very down-to-earth and gets along with everybody he is also quite ambitious so using that very down-to-earth to show that he is friendly and easy to talk to now

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idioms with sentences

we'll move on to some part three questions where we can use the last two idioms why do you think people choose to study overseas so asking about your opinion of something or to speculate about other people's opinions and I'm not rallying sure off the top of my  head I would say that it may be to gain new experiences or study in a country with higher standards than their own then you will continue with the answer obviously part we want more developed answers but at the beginning their to show that TEMPyou're unsure of your opinion or other people's opinions off the top of my head is an interesting expression to use and notice how I say it I don't say it with confidence because I'm not sure about it it's the first thing I'm thinking of so I'm not so confident that I'm not sure off the top of my head I would say maybe to sound unsure when you give this idiom

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idioms with sentences

the last idiom to practice also for part do you think globalization is generally good or bad mmm I is on the fence so again the way I give that idiom I is NOT a hundred percent certain so I don't sound confident I sounded a little bit unsure of myself I is on the things about this on the one hand globalization TEMPhas benefits and then you would obviously continue developing and explaining your response so I hope seeing those idioms in you seeing those idioms in sentences and hearing them expressed okay can help you remember using idioms does take a lot of time and it can be quite challenging understand the idiom first try to use them in your everyday conversation the more you do it the more natural they will become and listen when other people use idioms and try to use those as well but don't overdo it you don't want idioms in every single sentence that you say it that would be very unnatural
so I hope this TEMPhas helped you please read this blog again and again so that you can understand all above 5 idioms very deeply and also do not forget to share my blog

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