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IELTS SPEAKING cue card #Famous person in news - ieltsspeak

Describe the famous person in news you would like to meet - IELTS speak

IELTS SPEAKING cue card #Famous person in news - ieltsspeak

Starting lines of this cue card ( Famous person in news )

We are living in a globalized world which has progressed in innovation to a degree that messages are passed like a flash and individuals can see themselves when talking over miles. With media ending up so much well known, individuals are a lot more mindful of what is going on the planet. This time we are taking a gander at a signed card that discussions about a Famous person in the news.

Middle and end lines  of this cue card (FAMOUS PERSON IN NEWS)


But here I am talking about a famous person in news whose name is Kapil Sharma, extraordinary compared to other humorists of our nation who has been in news for all the famous reasons. Kapil began off with winning The Incomparable Indian Giggling Test and after that went ahead to win six periods of Parody Carnival. After that, he began off with the show, "Satire Evenings with Kapil which was the fate of the most saw shows of the time.
Be that as it may, as of late he has been in news for having a battle with an incredible colleague and the foundation of his show Sunil Grover. Sunil used to play a character in his show making him the most adored. In any case, with this battle, he has chosen to leave the show.
I need to meet him and recognise what precisely is it going on his head at the present time. Individuals are blaming him for being narrow-minded and mean and having lost his compassionate side. I need to comprehend what does it feel like to be a standout amongst the most adored humorists to be somebody people's identity speaking incorrectly about.

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There are such a large number of Famous person in news, however, I figure the one individual I would love to meet would be Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi is our present executive and has been a standout amongst the best head administrator in ongoing decades. He, after quite a while, could get a larger part and without precedent for ongoing circumstances, we see the whole country following a man.
Thus, when Narendra Modi says that he will destroy dark cash, individuals do trust in him and are prepared to remain in lines for him. He has too a degree got the floods of digitalization our nation. In this way, you could see even the little sellers having the Paytm sign outside their shops.
I truly need to meet him since I am awed by his identity. The way he gives addresses. I might want to know his perspective on the choices he makes and how can he accepts the call. Additionally, how can he talk in a coordinated discussion and what is his viewpoint for the youths of the nation?
TAGS used- IELTS SPEAKING cue card #Famous person in news - ieltsspeak
IELTS SPEAKING cue card #Famous person in news - ieltsspeak
IELTS SPEAKING cue card #Famous person in news - ieltsspeak

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