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Cue card #33 ; My favourite magazine cue card IELTS exam

speak about your favourite magazine

This is the 32nd cue card in the series of IELTS speaking cue card, the name of today's cue card is "my favourite magazine cue card or describe a newspaper or magazine article that you found interesting IELTS exam". You must try to speak this cue card for more than 2 minutes.
How do you know about that magazine?
Where can you buy that magazine?
What it contains?
Why do you think it is an interesting magazine?

Favourite magazine ; IELTS speaking cue card

I love reading magazines although I read numerous magazines."The week"is my favourite magazine. It is an Indian news magazine published on weekly basis on every Friday. It contains reviews of political and social events, notes on education and literature, a few items of fiction and poetry, and much more. I came to know about it through one of my cherished friends- Albert who is also fond of reading magazines. This magazine can be purchased from any bookstore across India. Apart from this one can also buy it online through the publisher's website. I prefer this magazine over all others because of its distinguishing features. The first remarkable thing about this magazine is its get-up, the cover design is quite attractive and it is printed on very good quality paper.  This magazine is divided into different sections. The first section reviews the national and international events. The editor’s comments can be seen on every important news of the week. It explains every aspect of the news and tells the readers the background story of every event. It has separate sections on arts, literature, Education, Science and sports. The arts section contains articles on painting, sculpture and music. These articles are interesting and informative,  they are written in the simple and easy language. The literary section has a critical essay, a short story and a poem. These are written by famous authors. In the education section, the problems of teachers and students are discussed. 

Ending lines of the cue card ~ favourite magazine

The articles are written by people who are actively engaged in teaching. The sports section contains useful and interesting features for games and players. Another popular section of the magazine is the film section which contains really informative articles about all aspects of films. It also reviews the new films. There are many other things in this magazine which appeal to me. But it is difficult to discuss them all. All in all, I would say that"The week"is a good, interesting magazine and informative magazine. This is why I call it a very fascinating and my best-loved magazines or favourite magazine.

Follow-Ups { favourite magazine or interesting magazine}

  1. • What do you think are the best qualities for a news reporter?
  2. • Whatarehe main difference between newspaper and magazine?
  3. • What's the function of a report to the society?
  4. • What kinds of books/newspapers/magazines do adolescents read in you're country?
  5. • Wif the popularity of the Internet, do you think newspapers and magazines will disappear?


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Cue card #33 ; My favourite magazine cue card IELTS exam
Cue card #33 ; My favourite magazine cue card IELTS exam

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