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Describe a lake that you like to visit  

where it is?
when you usually visit it?
what you do there?
explain your experience visiting this Lake?

Talk about an important river or Lake IELTS exam

It is very interesting to spend some time near water bodies or near lakes, as these provide peace and tranquillity. Whenever I get chance, during my spare time, I visit a captivating and very eminent lake, called Sukhna lake Which is on the outskirts of city Chandigarh and it is approximately  10   kilometres away from my home.  Mostly I visit this lake during the weekend but sometimes I visit there with my friends on weekdays. As well, different events and festivals are arranged by the side of the lake throughout the year. And people from different parts of the country come to enjoy the events.  Most of the people go there for picnic and enjoy spending their leisure time with their family members. Whenever I visit there I like doing boating as it is my favourite activityCapturing photographs and shooting videos are another activities which I perform there, whenever I go there with my friends. And some people like like to do fishing in the lakeWith the advancement of time and technology, the lake view has been changed greatly. 

Ending lines of cue card~Talk about an important river or Lake

It has turned into a famous tourist spot and therefore there is always hustle and bustle of people. And it is a great experience to meet their new people and to make new friends. The most striking feature about this lake is that despite the fact that it is frequented by tons of visitors, it is very quite place because of the discipline among visitors and the government efforts to maintain this place. All in all, I think for Peace-lovers it is worth visiting place.

Follow-Ups {describe a lake that you like to visit}

  1. Describe a place near lots of water? 
  2. Do you like boating?
  3. Is there any other water body in your hometown?
  4. If yes, then tell something about that water body?

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Talk about an important river or Lake IELTS exam-
Talk about an important river or Lake IELTS exam-