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Cue card #16| An unusual meal Ielts speaking cue card

Talk about an unusual food that you had.

Cue card-16| An unusual meal Ielts speaking cue card
An unusual meal Ielts speaking cue card

When did you eat it?
Where did you get that food?
With whom you had the meal?
and explain why this meal was so special?

An unusual meal~IELTS cue card with answer

  • I ate the different type of food in my life such as south Indian food and many more, but here I am talking about an unusual meal which I ate during my vacation.
  • During the last summer vacations in the month of June, I with two of my cherished friends made a plan to go Shimla.   so as to enjoy our holidays in a cool place and to get rid of the scorching heat of summer in our locality.
  • Having reached there,  we went to the hotel, we booked it online and then it was a time to have dinner we entered into the dining hall of that hotel.
  • Having seen the menu, we found it quite different than that in hotels of our locality.
  • Therefore we asked the waiter to bring any traditional food which we would like.
  • After about half an hour, the waiter served the food on our table. it was quite inviting food seeing it for the very first time we were all keen to start eating it.
  • By the time we tasted it, we were stunned by its delicious taste. The name of the dish was “Dham” and it is prepared by cooking red kidney beans, green lentils and rice and curd.
  • It is served with sweet and sour sauce. The extraordinary thing about this dish was that unlike other eminent foods,   its price was quite reasonable, making everyone able to have it irrespective of one's income.
  • Moreover, apart from being tasty, it was rich in all the ingredients that are required for a robust health.
  • Coming back to my home I told about this to all my family members and so that if they ever visited Shimla they would never miss the mouth-watering Food.

Follow-UP of cue card- an unusual meal

  1. Do you like to eat foreign food?
  2. How often do you like to eat foreign food?
  3. What type of foreign meal is popular in your country?
  4. How many types of food are available in your country?
  5. Tell some other names of the unusual meal?
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