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Cue cad #26 | Talk about a childhood toy or possession {7+band}

Talk about a childhood toy or possession  

What was the toy?
Who gave it to you?
Why was it your favourite?

Talk about a toy that you liked in your childhood cue card

Toys are the best companions and possessions of a childThere are certain types of toys for children, which they use for playing in their childhood such as dolls toyscars, educational toys, teddy bears and many moreHere I   would like to talk about a car that I received in my childhood from my uncle who has been living in America for several decades. I received this toy at the age of six. It was a battery-powered car and its size was quite big that I was able to sit comfortably in its chair. It had several buttons on its dashboard including the power button. Although I   had numerous other toys at that time. But this was my favourite toy in my childhood for several reasonsFirst and foremost reason is that I was fond of cars. Before bringing it for me when my uncle asked me what would I like to receive as a gift I told him that I needed a car, a big carSecondly, its colour was a black which is my favourite colour it looked so stunning that it was very difficult for me to leave it behind before going to the bed. Apart from this with the help of it, I   made several friends because in the evening time, When I would bring it out of my home, a significant number of children started chasing me many of whom became my fast friends very soon. They would often request me to have its drive and I would readily give it to them.

Ending lines-Talk about a childhood toy or possession

In this way, I learned several moral values such as sharing my possessions with others and respecting others sentiments, which in turn helped me in becoming a good person. Even today I am having the helping attitude for everyone. So the car is the toy which I like in my childhood or Car is the toy which is my favourite toy in my childhood.

Follow-Ups {a childhood toy or possession}

  1. Did you play with toys in your childhood age?
  2. What kind of toys did you like when you were a child?
  3. Do you remember any other toy which was very close to you?
  4. Do you have any type of toy at present?
  5. If yes then why have you kept that toy?
  6. Cue cad #26 | Talk about a childhood toy or possession {7+band}
    Cue cad #26 | Talk about a childhood toy or possession {7+band}

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