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Cue card #24 ~ A historical place or Religious place IELTS exam

Describe you're visit to a religious place golden temple

Cue card #24 ~ A historical place or Religious place IELTS exam
Cue card #24 ~ A historical place or Religious place IELTS exam

  1. Name and location of the place?
  2. When you fester the place?
  3. Who you were stood with?
  4. What did you like them?

IELTS cue card with answer | A historical place or Religious place

My country is the place of religious importancePeople from all over the world visit here to seek a religious place which could render them an opportunity to attain God. In my lifetime I have a study in numerous historical places. Here I would like to speak about the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab which is approximately kilometres away from my home. I visit on this place a couple of months ago with two of my cherished friends. In the vicinity of this place, there is always Hustle and Bustle of visitors as it is rendered by thousands of people on the daily basis. This temple has been constructed in the middle of a pond and its walls are gold coated This is probably the only temple of its kind in the whole world. Unlike most temple in India which have just one entry, we can enter the golden temple from all four directions which give the message that this shrine belongs to people of all religions. When I first entered the temple corridor my heart was filled with happiness I felt as though, I had walked into a heaven from the bridge that connects to the main edifice, We can see the beautiful reflection of the temple in the water of bond. Not only is this sight very soothing to the eyes but it is also a blissful experience. I had seen pictures of the golden temple reflected in the water in many photos and movies in the past but seeing it firsthand was simply inexpressible. I then went into the main shrine and have made obeisance, sought blessings from the Almighty and then we were offered sacred puddy which was being distributed at one of the four doors this shrines. Another striking feature of this place was that free food is distributed to every person irrespective of their religion, caste or status I must say my visit to the Golden Temple was really memorable or that was historical place or Religious place, where I visited.

IELTS SPEAKING cue card questions (A historical place or a Religious place)

  1.  What do you think of the future trend of historic places?
  2. Will the government strengthen its protection toward historic places?
  3. What are the changes brought about by the historic place in the local economy, people, etc?
  4. What is the effect of tourists on the place?

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