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Describe a place in your city where people go to listen to music

A Place Where People Go To Listen To The Music. This is This is the 33rd cue card in the series of ielts speaking cue card. You must try to speak this cue card for more than 2 minutes
Where is it?
How often do you go there?
What kind of music is played there?
How do you feel about this place?

Speak about a place to listen to music cue card

Music is an essential part of human life that gives us an opportunity to experience happiness. Music is now available on the internet, television, mobile phones, computers, And one needs to only search for any particular song and thousands of results of that song appear before us. But there are several live concerts or performances which cannot be fully enjoyed using the internet or mobile phones. These require us to be physically present at that place where these performances take place. 
Such a place is located on the outskirts of our city and its name is “Kings Music Hall”. which is approximately five kilometres away from my home. I visit this place every weekend with all of my family members. Although it is visited by numerous people every day. But it is jam-packed with the music lovers during the weekends. 

Actually, this place is especially for those who wish to become singers and here they are given an opportunity to show their talent to the public. Therefore, there we can listen to approximately all kinds of music ranging from western music to a religious music, Depending upon the choice of performer. I feel this place is awesome because of varied reasons. The first and foremost thing that I love about this place is the cleanliness and discipline among the visitors which is merely because of the dedicated and hardworking staff members. Another striking feature of this place is the clear sound system. 

Ending lines{ describe a place you know where people go to listen to music }

Moreover, the sitting arrangement is really worth seeing. The main hall which is sprawled over five hectares of land can accommodate thousands of individuals. Most of the programs here take place during the night. And at that time the beauty of this hall is beyond words.  And I think that on account of aforementioned reasons this amazing place has become the centre of attraction for most of the people of our city over the past few years.

Follow-Ups { Describe a place go to listen music }

  1. What type of music is famous in your country?
  2. Are you good at any kind of music?
  3. What are the influences of western music on teenagers in your country?
  4. Do you think it is good for children to listen to music?
  5. what changes do you see in today’s music in comparison to past?


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Describe a place go to listen music IELTS EXAM {Cue card #33}
Describe a place go to listen music IELTS EXAM {Cue card #33}