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Describe a successful businessman or businesswoman you admire or you know

who is the person?
what is the business of that person? 
How you know this person?
And how he or she became successful?

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Business plays a significant role in our society. It is a creative and competitive activityFrom my point of view, I  consider that common sense specialized knowledge and good communication skills are the key qualities of a  prosperous businessmanAnd I have seen all these qualities in one of the most eminent businessmen of our city Mr Mukesh AmbaniWho owns a couple of manufacturing units namely Ambani automobile parts and Mukesh still limited.  Both of which are located on the outskirts of our city.  This entrepreneur is our neighbour and that's why I know him personally. I have visited him several times. The primary characteristic which Mr Ambani possesses is common sense, which rendered him the ability to make judgments on the issues, which he encounters in everyday situations. And on account of this scale, the business of Mr Ambani has stretched out to numerous countries when he started his business he was very poor and unsuccessful person. But he never stopped working hard initially he installed a wood manufacturing unit in our locality but because of recession it could no longer compete with the market and needed to be closed.

Ending lines of a cue card ~ Describe a successful businessman

After a few months, he decided to open a new steel manufacturing plant,  replacing the old unit he installed, as a  requirement of Steel was surging at a  very rapid pace in our locality. After a  few months of opening this unit, his business became very successfulHe invested most of his profit in his business only. When his profit soared to many folds, he decided to open a new Lord just beside the previous one. That too became very successfulAt present, his trade has become transcontinental because of the aforementioned qualities of his businessmen I am obliged to accept him as a very successful entrepreneur

Follow-Ups ~ Describe a successful businessman or  businesswoman you admire or you know

  1. What do you know about the businessman? 
  2. Do you think businessman are different in different countries?
  3. Were they different in the past?
  4. What does motivate people to become well-known?

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