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Talk about an important event that you like to celebrate IELTS exam

Cue card #26 ~ {EASY} Talk about an important event IELTS Speaking

You should say
what is the event?
whom you would like to celebrate it with?
why you like to celebrate it?

Talk about an important event that you like to celebrate cue card

Different seasons in India are associated with different festivals or different important eventsThese celebrations are an indispensable part of our lives. Without these events, we will not be able to enjoy our lives to a great extent. And even then I have been longing for is the cultural event called Diwali which is celebrated in India with a lot of enthusiasm by people of almost all the religions. Like every year, this time too- I want to celebrate it with my family members and friends at my home. But unlike previous years this time I have decided to celebrate pollution-free or green-Diwali and not to burst the crackers, As these give rise to the pollution content in the air Which, in turn, becomes a grave concern for the government and those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. There are a number of reasons why I would love to celebrate this important eventThe first reason is that it brings happiness to people by giving them a chance to meet each other. People visit families of each other, share sweets and offer a prayer together. And so does I. On this occasion, I visit approximately all of my relatives and friend, shared sweets with them which brings warmth to my relations with my relatives.  Another reason is that it reminds me of my culture and traditions. And therefore this festival as a good medium to pass on cultural values to the younger generations. So Diwali is an important event which I like to celebrate.

Follow-Ups {an important event}

  1. Tell some name of other important events?
  2. Why do people celebrate events?
  3. What type of other important events are famous in your country?
  4. Do you celebrate all the events?

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