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Talk about your favourite season in your country

Talk about your favourite season in your country. This is the 34th cue card in the series of IELTS speaking cue card. You must try to speak this cue card for more than 2 minutes.
What is it?
And when it comes?
Why do you like it?
What are the changes that happen during this season?
What do you like to do during this season?

Starting lines{ Talk about your favourite season in your country }

In my country we observe four types of seasons of all these, I love winters the most, which usually start at the end of month October and last till the mid-February. This season replaces the autumn and is replaced by the spring season. Summers in my country lasts too long and are very hot, making it quite difficult for people to come out of their homes and meet each other. But during winters most of the people feel relaxed and relieved from the scorching heat of sweltering weather of summer. But bay time is usually short in winters and night falls somehow earlier than that during any of the other seasons. I love this season because of varied reasons. The first and foremost reason is that there are a lot of things to enjoy during this season.

Most of the festivals that are celebrated in my country come during this season,  which includes Dushara, Diwali, Lohry and Christmas. That is why it is also known as the festival season. Apart from this I feel more confident and energetic and remain active during this season. In the month of December, we enjoy winter vacations and plan outings with our friends. And family members to various places. Some people go for picnics and some love to watch the scenic, beauty of many astounding regions across our country.

Ending lines{ Talk about your favourite season in your country }

Apart from this in order to get rid of the chilled weather during early morning and late evening, people like to bask by the fire and have long conversations. While having tea or coffee and during the daytime, they sit outdoors and bask in the Sun. But it is also a problem associated with this season that most of the region of our country during this during the month of  January is engulfed by dense fog, making it quite hard for commuters to travel. The chances of accidents soar many folds during this season.

Follow-Ups { Talk about your favourite season in your country }

  1. Describe the seasons in your country.
  2. What is the most pleasant season in your nation?
  3. What is the necessity of clothes in a particular season?
  4. What are the seasons you have in your country but another countries do not?


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IMAGE of "Talk about your favourite season in your country" cue card

Talk about your Favourite Season in your Country {Cue card #34}
Talk about your Favourite Season in your Country {Cue card #34}