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Talk about a special day which was not that expensive or on which you did not have to spend a lot of money.

what was the occasion?
where you went?
who did you celebrate with?
Cue card #25~Talk about a special day which was not that expensive
Cue card #25~Talk about a special day which was not that expensive

A special day which was not that expensive cue card

In this materialistic world each and every day, we have to spend a lot of money just to survive and enjoy our livesBut sometimes a person in their lives enjoy some special days on which they do not need to pay much, yet they enjoy a lot. Such a day that I  would like to describe here special day which was not expensive that I enjoyed a couple of months ago. 

My birthday falls in the month of November and my friends asked for the party I decided to throw in it at a Renowned and eminent restaurant in our locality- The Kings restaurant, about five kilometres away from my home, On the outskirts of our cityIt was the season of festivals and in that month, therefore, the discount was offered on every product, Restaurant food was also no exception. We were stunned to see the nominal prices of all the dishes that were painted on the menu. Having decided what we wanted to eat we placed the order the order included several dishes ranging from American cuisines to South Indian food, some deserts and drinks were also included in it.  The waiter served the food after about half an hour. Upon eating the food we asked for the bill It was really an astonishing movement when we saw the billAlthough we were  5  in number yet the payable amount was many for lesser than we expected. At that time, we realized that we enjoyed our day without having paid much money

IELTS SPEAKING cue card questions (A special day which was not that expensive)

  • Do youngsters spend much more money than before?
Sure, teens spend a lot of extra cash than before coz the common earnings of households has grown as compared to the beyond. Furthermore, considering the fact that there are nuclear families nowadays so parents like to fulfil the desires of their children and as a way to cause them to glad, they give them greater pocket money to spend.

  • what ways people use to save money as much as possible?
Properly, there are lot of ways to save money in recent times. People can invest their cash in small savings scheme floated by using the authorities. They can also keep a positive amount of money from their earning each month and keep it for later.

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