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A famous company around/in your city which employs a lot of people

A company in your city which employs a lot of people or Organisation That Employs a Lot of people cue card. This is the 37th cue card in the series of IELTS speaking cue card. You must try to speak this cue card for more than 2 minutes.
Where this company is?
What does it manufacture?
How you know about it?
Why it is very famous?

Describe a company which employs many employees in your hometown

Here I would like to talk about a renowned and highly esteemed company of our city - High Tech Industries limited- where more than 2000 workers are workingIt is located on the outskirts of our city and is about 10 kilometres away from my home. This company manufactures automobile parts. Although a decade ago this company was not very eminent because of the low quality of its products And, Therefore,  people were less likely to work with this company. But later on about half a  decade ago, this company hired highly experienced engineers. Who worked very hard and left no stone unturned to enhance the quality and boost the sale of the products of this company. Besides hiring new staff, the management of this company introduced new tech manufacturing technology by replacing old-fashioned machines with the fast running and energy efficient machines. Eventually on account of such dedicated employees and the sophisticated approach of its management.

This company emerged as one of the leading industries in our city. Now the majority of professionals in our city who are from the automotive sector, long to work with this company. Among those professionals is my cousin,  who got hired by this company about six months ago. And it's he through which I  came to know about it. When I first came to know about this workplace I was surprised to know various facilities. That it offers to its employees and it's a stunning growth even in a very short span of time.

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A company in your city which employs a lot of people cue card #37
A company in your city which employs a lot of people cue card #37