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Describe an Occasion When you Had to Arrive Early Cue card #36

Describe an occasion when you had to arrive early

Describe an occasion when you had to arrive early or Cue card occasion when you needed to arrive early. This is the 34th cue card in the series of IELTS speaking cue card. You must try to speak this cue card for more than 2 minutes.
When it happened?
Why you went earlier?
Where You Went?
How you felt about the occasion?

An occasion when you had to arrive early

Being punctual I always try to be on time for every occasionBut in my lifetime there have been certain events that have required me to arrive earlySuch an event that I would like to describe when I had to reach two hours before the actual program is when I was studying in 10th class and we were going to celebrate the festival of DiwaliA couple of days before the actual day of Diwali. Our school organised a party in which all the teachers and students were invited. Different duties were assigned to different students.  Some students of junior classes were given the duties of arranging chairs and decorating the school being one of these senior students I was given the responsibility of anchoring which required me to do a  lot of practice. Although I was able to deliver this speech very fluently and without any kind of fear. My teachers still recommended me to do rehearsal just before the event so as to feel much more comfortable. Therefore on the day of that occasion, I reached at my school at sharp 7a.m. and started practising tried to speak without even looking at the notes.  Eventually when the event started at  10a.m. and everyone had entered the main hall started my speechSo well did I speak that everyone was left astonished at my English speaking skills. 

Ending lines ~ An occasion when you had to arrive early

Not only the students but the teachers were also very impressed at my ability to speak before hundreds of individuals. When the occasion was about to end Our school principal in his speech talked about my courage.  And wished me luck for the future upon which the hall in which the party was being organized was resounding with the sound of clappingIt was really a very proud moment for me and I was on cloud nine that day and I still vividly recall that moment. 

Follow-Ups { Describe an occasion when you got up extremely early ielts }

  1. Have there been any different events when you have to come early?
  2. When do you believe people should come on time?
  3. In Hindustan, late seeming to be an opportunity for girls. Why do you think it is so?
  4. Do you believe technology is a cause that makes us late?
  5. Do you think doing nothing is a loss of time?

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