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Speak about a natural disaster in your area

Speak About a Natural Disaster in Your Area or ielts essay on natural disaster. This is the 37th cue card in the series of IELTS speaking cue card. You must try to speak this cue card for more than 2 minutes.
what was it?
when did it come?
what you did when it occurred?
what was the condition of your area at that time?

Talk about a natural disaster in your area ielts

Although in my lifetime I have witnessed a number of natural disasters but the one that I vividly recall and would like to speak about is the  7.0 magnitude quake that hit our area in June  2015 during the daytime. And it was the centre near our neighbouring city –Chandigarh, about  20 kilometres southeast of our city. It came less than two weeks after our quake cost several hundred deaths in our country south. When the shaking began I was studying in my class at my school. And suddenly all these students and teachers filed out rapidly and fortunately by God's grace,   no one was hurt I was deeply concerned about my family members. Therefore I took the mobile phone from one of my teachers and made a call to my parents and I was relieved to know that all of them were safe.

It was really a powerful earthquake that shook our state collapsing buildings in plumes of dust and killing at least   100  people around our state. Natural disasters are of course beyond human control. But human action can profoundly affect their outcome, mitigating their effects on people. That's why although there were thousands of individuals who fled into the streets in panic. There were many ordinary citizens who played a crucial role in rescue efforts and stayed to help rescue those trapped in tall buildings especially in two skyscrapers of our state.

Ending lines "describe any natural disaster you have experienced"

Many injured people were rushed to the hospitals of our area. And for each of the families of the deceased, the government of our state announced compensation of rupees  5 lakh. Many people remained in the streets for hours. Fearful of returning to their homes or offices. Electricity service was interrupted for many hours in many places. After a couple of hours of this tragedy, everything was normal. Our school declared a holiday for rest of the day. And all the students returned to their homes and I turned on TV at my home I found that every news channel was forecasting this same news of our area.

Follow-ups{ Ielts essay on natural disaster }

  1. What do you mean by natural hazards?
  2. Have you encountered any natural calamity in your life?
  3. Why the world faces more natural disasters in this present era than the past time?
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Speak About a Natural Disaster in Your Area IELTS Cue Card #39
Speak About a Natural Disaster in Your Area IELTS Cue Card #39