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Talk about an Achievement you are Proud of IELTS cue card #40

Talk about an achievement you are proud of cue card

Describe a personal achievement you are proud of ielts or Describe a success in your life you have. This is the 40th cue card in the series of IELTS speaking cue cards. You must speak about this topic for more than 2 minutes.
what did you do?
when did you do it?
why did that achievement make you proud?

Describe a personal achievement you are proud of ielts

Well, there are a number of incidents or success in my life which I feel proud of. But here I would like to talk about a significant achievement that got me name and fame and which had been a fairly challenging journey to become famous. As a painting has been my favourite hobby since my childhood. Therefore hardly had there been a time when I tend to participate in any of  Drawing competitions at my school level. But in 2018 when I was in class 12th. My school teachers, on account of my skills, recommended to my name to the school administration. As the candidate to appear in seven day long competitions at district and state levels.

These competitions were very crucial for our school. And therefore our principal wanted that our school should win these competitions at any cost to so as to prove that our school was the best school in our state. Therefore it was a  must-win competition for me, fortunately, I stood first in the district level competition. And I managed to win first three rounds at state level competition. But in the last and the toughest round that is today's stage of a competition at the state level I had to participate against the best painting candidates who came from other well-known schools.

Ending lines- Describe an achievement you have

But despite them being very creative  I found the competition quite comfortably in the end. Having seen my resounding victory all my friends, family, members and teachers for on cloud nineI was feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one's own achievements, qualities. It was the most significant day of my life and I felt proud Because it was only me because of which others felt proud. On the next day, the news of my stunning triumph (victory) was printed in the newspaper which was a very special achievement not only for me but for my school as well. To win seven prizes back to back was something very special I have never taken part in any competition for seven days in a row I  had a drawing competition almost every day after this incident I became one of the best students of our school. So, That was an achievement I have or the achievement of which I proud of.

Follow-ups{ describe an achievement you have }

  • What qualities are needed to become successful?
  • Do you think the way people gain success has changed?
  • How to reward successful people?
  • What qualities does a person need to have, to be successful?

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Talk about an Achievement you are Proud of IELTS cue card #40
Talk about an Achievement you are Proud of IELTS cue card #40

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