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An Unfulfilled Wish / A Thing You Could Not Get So Far IELTS exam #42

An Unfulfilled Wish / A Thing You Could Not Get So Far 

This is the 41st cue card in the series of IELTS speaking cue card 2018, the name of today's cue card is "talk about ambition or wish that you couldn't accomplish for a long time ielts cue card". You must try to speak this cue card for more than 2 minutes.
what was the wish?
when did you want to achieve it?
why couldn't you accomplish it?
what you have to do to achieve it?

Talk about a wish that you couldn't accomplish cue card

Although my life is plagued by so many unfulfilled wishes. Here I would like to talk about one of my deepest unfulfilled desires. Actually about half a decade ago event on a school tour to a renowned and one of the most beautiful cities of India ~ Jaipur. There I saw different places and experienced a lot of things. And I was really touched by the culture, people and traditional products of this marvellous city. On the last day of our tour, all of the students were taken to an eminent market that was famous for traditional products only. I being art lover wanted to take any special product of that area so that   I could put it at my home which was under construction, in order to decorate it.
All of these students were walking across the narrow streets of that market and suddenly in a big shop, I saw the most beautiful poetry I had ever seen. This was blue glassy pottery used to liven up the beauty of homes. The reason of the attractiveness of this artwork is hidden behind the material that is used to craft it. Which gives it an advantage of not developing cracks which is likely the case in other parts. Seeing it even for the very first time I decided to purchase the whole set of pots. But unfortunately, at that time, I was not carrying enough money and it been very expensive I could not purchase it.

Ending Lines- An Unfulfilled Wish IELTS speaking cue card

But standing there, I promise to myself that whenever I visited that city again in my life I would definitely purchase all those pots. But unluckily even after so many years, I couldn't go there again. Nor those products are available online making it very difficult for me to get them and to fulfil my dream. But this year as I am going to attend a marriage party near the city~ Jaipur, Maybe I will get chance to revisit that market again and therefore it is likely that I will soon accomplish my wish.

Follow Ups~ (An Unfulfilled Wish)

  1. What are the essential qualities to achieve our ambitions?
  2. Is every ambition good in life?
  3. What kind of ambitions modern generation in your country has?
  4. Would you concentrate more on achieving your dream or doing the things you love to do?
  1. An Occasion When you Had to Arrive Early
  2. Talk about an important river or Lake
  3. An activity or exercise that you do to stay fit
  4. when you taught a skill or something to someone
  5. Describe a Good Decision Someone Made recently
Image" wish that you could not accomplish for a long time cue card "
An Unfulfilled Wish / A Thing You Could Not Get So Far IELTS exam #42
An Unfulfilled Wish / A Thing You Could Not Get So Far IELTS exam #42

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