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Describe a Good Decision Someone Made recently cue card #41

Talk about a decision that someone made

This is the 41st cue card in the series of IELTS speaking cue card 2018, the name of today's cue card is "talk about clever decision made by someone to solve a problem IELTS exam". You must try to speak this cue card for more than 2 minutes.
who made the decision?
what was the decision?
when was it made?
How it affected you?

Describe a good decision someone made ielts exam 

Making a good decision is very important in every person life Because a good or clever decision change the entire life of the person. Here I would like to talk about a very influential verdict taken by my father a couple of years ago. Actually, in 2018, my father received a  sum of one and a half million rupees from my grandfather. And we didn't want to squander (misspend) that large sum of money. Therefore my mother and I asked my father to invest that money in fixed deposit so we could get about 8 per cent more money till the following year. My father being a very sophisticated (knowledgeable) person did not want to hasten (HURRY). So he approached to his friends and had their guidance. Most of his friends recommended him the same thing that we did.

But his manner of thinking was somehow different. He noticed that property rates were soaring at a very fast pace so he decided to purchase a plot rather than investing money in the bank. Hardly had half a year passed that the price of our property had become twofold. It was really a very profitable investment. At the end of the year, the plot that we had purchased with just one and a half million rupees was sold for 3 million. That time I realized that my father had really made a well-founded decision because if we had invested our capital in fixed deposit we would have received very small profit.

Ending lines - clever decision made by someone IELTS speaking cue card

But because of this decision, we were able to purchase a lot of things that we used to think were beyond our approach. Because of this profit, we renovated our home and also we purchased a new car and made several journeys to various tourist places. All in all, I would say that it was this money because of which a lot of my dreams came true. Despite all these expenses we were still left with huge money, therefore, we reinvested the proceeds in the property.

Follow-Ups {good decision someone made cue card}

  1. Should children make decisions on their own?
  2. What important things do you consider while taking a big decision?
  3. How parents decisions affect their children's lives?
  4. Do parents in your country take decisions for their children?

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Describe a Good Decision Someone Made recently cue card #41
Describe a Good Decision Someone Made recently cue card #41

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