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Describe something that you want to get replaced

Below is the answer of this cue card- Describe something that you want to get replaced ielts speaking cue card or an item you own that needs to be replaced
What it is?
How long you have it?
How you used it in the past?
Why do you want to replace it?

Talk about something you would like to get replaced ielts

Last year I bought a new Apple iPhone X after paying 1300 Dollars from a renowned and highly esteemed shop in our city. I was quite happy with this phone. For the first year as I used this Apple iPhone X for various purposes such as reading online books, listening to music, watching movies, capturing photographs and much more. But unfortunately, after 12 months from the date of the purchase, the handset has developed a couple of problems and started malfunctioning. The screen sometimes failed to work and the speaker often stops working. The phone was never dropped on the floor nor did I ever drop it in water. 
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Therefore I approached the shopkeeper and asked him for the solution. But he refused to own up the responsibility, stating that the responsibility for the defect rests solely with the manufacturer. He then advised me to visit the authorized service centre located approximately 60 kilometres away from a city. Anyway, I approached the service centre and got my phone repaired. However even after that the problems still persist and now, I am quite dissatisfied with this mobile phone. 
Describe something that you want to get replaced IELTS cue card 

Moreover, its warranty period has also expired. That's why I have made up my mind to exchange this soon as early as possible because my life has become highly dependent on the cellular phone. This small instrument has become such an integral part of my life that I cannot even imagine my life without it. I can't go out of the home without it and if I forgot it at home. I feel as if I have left some important part of myself at home. Without a good phone I would feel bad, stressed, unsafe and unhappy. 
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Ending lines of something that you want to get replaced cue card

That is why I have decided to replace my current phone with a brand new iPhone Xs of Apple company, which has recently been launched in the market. The performance of this phone is said to be very well. A friend of mine has purchased this phone and he is happy with it. The biggest thing that attracted me towards this phone is -two year warranty period offered by the company. Thus, iPhone X is the mobile phone that I want to get replaced with a brand new Apple iPhone Xs.
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