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Describe a time when you had some medicine cue card

Talk about a time when you had some medicine. This is 62nd cue card in the series of ielts speaking cue cards. Today's cue card is also similar to these cue cards describe a time when you were ill cue card or A time when you had to go to a  hospital.
  • What was wrong with you?
  • How did you feel at that time?
  • What happened at the hospital?
  • What treatment you were given to help you get better?

A time when you had to go to a hospital (Sample-1)

Although in my lifetime I had to go to a  doctor and take medicine for numerous times. Here I would like to speak about my visit to a renowned and highly esteemed hospital in my city- MV Hospital. A couple of years ago, as usual, having completed my work I went for sleeping. When I woke up the next morning I noticed that my ankles were swollen and I felt severe pain in the joints. I assumed it to be some minor problem. Although I  skipped my morning walk for two days the pain did not subsidize. I also developed a fever and became weak. Therefore I had to go to the hospital.
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Firstly I booked an appointment using my phone and then reached the hospital in the morning. It was a very pleasing experience in that hospital. All the staff members were very helpful and dedicated. When I met my doctor who was very polite and experienced. He easily understood my disease which was a virus-borne illness, spread by mosquito bite and also through the air when a patient coughs or sneezes in the vicinity of those who are not infected.

Ending lines- A time when you had some medicine

Firstly he administered me an injection to bring my fever under control and then he gave me medicines - a  syrup and some aspirin cells and stressed the need to drink clean water. He said staying hydrated, using mosquito repellent, staying away from other people and avoiding exposure to the Sun were very important keys to avoiding such fever. Having come back home I took the medicine according to the label instructions as recommended by the doctor. This medication proved to be stunningly effective against fever the fever lasted for just one more day but the weakness lasted one to two weeks longer. So this was the answer of cue card describe a time when you had some medicines.

Talked about a time when you had medicine (Sample-2)
Describe a time when you had some medicine IELTS cue card

Health is something that is aimed by all. Everyone wants to be happy, healthy and fit. Still, at times we only feel happy and healthy once we take medicines, so, I have also certain experiences when I had to take medicines to come out from illness. One such experience I would like to share while answering this cue card topic. It happened to me during last summer's when I was having the trouble at my tongue. I have noticed there was a   severe pain in my tongue especially at the time when I wake up in the morning. For some days I turned a blind eye towards it. But when it grew severely then I have to step into the specialist doctor of my hometown.
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During the tests, he got to know that there was an infection might in my tongue due to some wrong eating. The possible solution to take the pain away from my tongue was prescribing me the medicines for two weeks long. As a result, I had to unwillingly take the medicines to make myself well from the tongue problem. The good thing was even after days of taking medicines I started noticing that things were becoming better for me. It is never easy to fight the pain as it makes an individual half-powered but still with the help of right medication I somehow ended it.

Ending lines- A time when you were ill cue card

The whole experience was terrifying as I have to leave many of my important works during those days. Eventually, I came out perfectly all right from the entire medication period. All in all, I must say the doctors are not God but at some points in our life, they become just next to God thank you so much.

Talk about a time when you had some medicine

I do not take medicine for minor headaches and for small diseases. But two months ago I had an attack of fever. I thought I would be ok in a day or two and so did not take any medicine. I felt helpful and couldn't sleep well. But still avoided taking medicine. Actually, my uncle is a small doctor and he told me once that fever means that our body is trying to fight the infectious viruses. So it is a sign that our body is fighting the disease and if our immune system is good. Then we will not need medicine.
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However, by the third day, my fever worsened and I had so much shivering that my father had to take me to our family doctor. He advised some tests and gave me crocin and tablets. The next day my test reports came. The doctor said that there was an infectious disease because of which my TLC was high. TLC is the increase in the white blood cell in the body.  He could not pinpoint the infection but he gave me some antibiotic for coping up the infection from the body. I took the medicine diligently for five days. I remember I  started feeling better in one day but followed the advice of the doctor and took the medicine for five days.
Tags used- Describe a time when you had some medicine IELTS cue card
Describe a time when you had some medicine IELTS cue card
Describe a time when you had some medicine IELTS cue card 
Describe a time when you had some medicine IELTS cue card