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Speak about something which annoys or irritates you

Speak about something which Annoys or Irritates you. This is 61st cue card in the series of ielts speaking cue card. This cue card covers all these cue cards namely- describe something you were disappointed about or describe a situation when you got angry.
  •  Who or what it is?
  • Why he or she or it is annoying?
  • How she or he or it behaves with others?
  • What can be done to reduce his or her or it's annoying behaviour?
    Speak about something which Annoys or Irritates you IELTS cue card

Something that annoys you cue card (Sample-1)

Every single person on this planet face good and bad experiences daily, but sometimes we deal with objects or people that are just far too irritating. We are unwilling to fight with those objects or people, but we tend to anyway, despite our current mood. It is human nature to grow irritated at certain aspects of life, but a lot of things causes such annoyance these days - especially pieces of Technology such as traffic, low phone battery, pop up ads, slow internet and morning alarms. But here I would like to speak about the most irritating person for me. 
A person in my life is quite annoying. Actually, I have a neighbour who doesn't leave me alone. He knocks on my door at least once every day. And sometimes multi times a day. Either way, it is too much. Sometimes he comes to me to borrow money, to borrow my screwdriver and sometimes to borrow my laptop. He borrows money, then pays me back but then borrow again. Over and over again I am always so nice to him because he is my neighbour. But the problem is that if I gave him everything every time, he would get into the habit of making a straight line towards my door before he even tries any other avenues, such as asking another friend or family member for help.

Ending lines - something which Annoys cue card

His behaviour with other people is quite different. Never does he irritates other words so much. And I know why he is doing so with me because I never say – no. But to overcome this situation it is what I need to start saying. I need to tell him that his problems are not my problems and that he got to be able to take care of himself. When he will again ask for a little help, I will have to discuss boundaries. I will have to tell him once in a while it is ok, but not regularly. But if you continue to text me the last resort would be to file a case complaint against him because it's my home and I have a right to have my peace. so this was the answer the question describes something which annoys you

Describe something which  annoys you (Sample- 2)

  • What it is?
  • Why it annoys you?
  • How you manage the situation?
Time and tide wait for none. Time once has gone never comes back. On this earth, we would live at a time and if we waste it carelessly, we would never give any meaning to life. Some people take life very lightly. They never respect time. They are always late. I really dislike these kinds of people. Reasons are many, there are numerous reasons behind it. First of all, I have been very portrayed by a challenge.
I still remember when I  was a child my grandmother once told me a story about the importance of time about time management. And since that day something has been in my conscience which persuades me to follow time very minutely. When I was in school I never got late. Same did happen in the college. Without fail attended all the lectures and for this thing I was rewarded too. When I find people doing something late. Not following the given time. Keeping things pending. Something starts breaking into my body. How I managed.
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Sometimes I to be frank lose my temper. I scold people but I know how to handle the situation after scolding. I manage the situation sometimes I tell them that importance of time. I tell them many incidents, many stories of those people who achieve great things by following the time. Sometimes I look at my watch angerly to make them realize that they are late so this was the answer the question describes something which annoys you.
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Tags usedSpeak about something which Annoys or Irritates you IELTS cue card
Speak about something which Annoys or Irritates you IELTS cue card
Speak about something which Annoys or Irritates you IELTS cue card
Speak about something which Annoys or Irritates you IELTS cue card