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Describe your favourite clothes or Favourite dress cue card

Favourite clothes cue card or cue card on Favourite dress or describe a favourite piece of clothing or a traditional dress you wear on special occasion like jeans for boys and girls latest ielts speaking cue card 2019 or 2020 with pdf.

Describe your favourite clothes or Favourite dress

  • What is it like?
  • Who gave it to you or where you bought it?
  • How often you wear it?
  • Explain how you feel about it or why you enjoy wearing it?

Everyone loves fashion nowadays. Even I also like to try new outfits every day and especially on the functions or special occasions I have got a huge collection of different dresses and suits in my cupboard. Here, I would like to talk about a traditional suit, which my maternal gave me as a gift on my birthday. It is a bottle green suit with magenta and golden embroidery. It also has a multi-coloured stole to go with it which had a golden lace on all sides.
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It is studded with golden beads It has a very traditional ethnic touch to it It is a very beautiful suit The stole is in crinkled silk She gave me matching accessories also She gave me a golden beaded purse to go with it. Whenever I wear a suit, I wear my traditional Punjabi shoes, which match perfectly with the suit. When I wear that suit everyone compliments me. I feel very good when I receive those compliments. Actually, my aunt runs her hobby classes of cooking in Chandigarh.

Ending lines of Favourite clothes cue card

I stayed with her during my vacations and helped her. She could accommodate more number of students because of my help. She offered me money, but I refused because I had not helped her for money. So she bought this expensive suit for me on my birthday. I really like the suit and have worn it on many occasions. Last time, I wore this suit at my college farewell.

Follow up Questions

  1. What is the difference between the dressing style of young people and that of old people?
The dressing style of young people is mostly western. Girls like long dresses, skirts, jeans, T-shirts and also like the blend of Indian and western. Boys like jeans, T-shirts, trousers, shirts. Elderly people wear traditional clothes. They feel more comfortable in them. 2. Do the people living in the north part of your country wear different clothes as compared to the people living in the south? Yes, there are differences in the clothing of north and south India. Suits are more popular in the north whereas saris are commonly worn by women in the south. Men wear a lungi in the south, which is not so common in the north. Favourite clothes cue card

  1. What kinds of clothes do people wear after work?
People wear comfortable and casual clothes after work because usually at work, people have to wear uniforms or formal clothes. Once people come back home, they like to relax and want to be more comfortable.
  1. What kind of clothes should people wear at work?
At work, people should wear proper and formal clothes. At some workplaces, uniforms are needed, which gives them an identity and develops a sense of discipline. It also depends on the type of work people do. If someone is working as a gym instructor, he or she cannot wear formal clothes to work. They have to wear sportswear. Favourite clothes cue card
  1. Do you think students need to wear school uniforms?
Yes, I think students need to wear school uniforms, as they act as a social leveller/equalizer. Uniforms give an identity to the students and also inculcate a sense of discipline among students. Uniforms are also good for the school’s security, as if any miscreants enter the school, they can be easily spotted.
  1. Where do Indian people buy clothes?
Indian people buy clothes from shops and stores in the local markets and in shopping malls. There are many small- scale stores and boutiques that are run from home, from where people shop for clothes. Also, online shopping is very popular in India. There are many popular shopping websites, like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and so on, where people buy clothes. favourite clothes or Favourite dress cue card
  1. Does personality affect how people choose what to wear?
Yes people with good personality always like to wear expensive clothes which are made of fine material although they tend not to wear a lot of glamorous clothes nowadays but still they prefer to wear expensive clothes made out of the finest material.
Describe your favourite clothes or Favourite dress cue card
  1. When should people wear formal clothes?
People should wear formal clothes to work and on formal occasions like functions, interviews etc
  1. Do people wear formal clothes more often than before?
I think the trend is changing; people nowadays wear less formal clothes because fashion is providing them with abundant options. Even a few companies like facebook and google allow people to come to the office in casual clothes. People find themselves more comfortable in casual clothes. Favourite clothes or Favourite dress cue card
  1. What clothes do university students wear for their graduation ceremonies?
University students normally wear a gown and a cap on their graduation day. It is a trend to throw the caps in the air, once the graduation ceremony is over.
Describe your favourite clothes or Favourite dress cue card
Describe your favourite clothes or Favourite dress cue card
Describe your favourite clothes or Favourite dress cue card

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