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Hello friends, My name is Milan mallhi. I am from India. I am a founder of https://www.ieltsspeak.com/ . I am 18 years old.  I am living in Haryana, India. I started my blog in 2018. I start this blog Because I want to share some useful information or tricks related to IELTS. 

Now I share topic only that topics on my blog which are related IELTS speaking module. Because I do not have too much time which I can give to my blog. Apart from I am a student of BBA (1st semester). so I do not have too much time.

However, I Will try to provide all the modules of IELTS may be in near future But for now, I apologise from everyone


With the medium of this website, I will try to provide all kind of information which helps you in preparing for IELTS exam. For this purpose, I need a help from you., please Try to share all my blog posts on social media 

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